Collin County GOP Runoff Guide

May 15, 2016


Primary Voter Guides for Collin & Dallas Counties

February 14, 2016

UPDATE: 3061 downloads through the election. Hopefully it was all helpful to the voters
Here are the recommendation of reliable conservative groups for the races in these two counties. Eagle Forum, as a group, apparently did NOT more recommendations this time and We- the North Texas Tea Party- simply did not have the available manpower to to a proper vetting this time.

Early voting starts Tuesday.



(Apologies: just found a recent error on the page where Dallas’s pdf was ALSO a Collin page. Corrected)

NTTP Going Inactive

January 7, 2016

Folks, this is to announce that the North Texas Tea Party is- unfortunately- going into essentially an inactive state and will not be an active participant in this election cycle. The primary reason for this is that too many of the principles that have pulled off the many hundreds of hours each cycle required to put together our own voter guides- simply have too many commitments- most related to feeding our families- to spare the hours required. We have ALWAYS had too few people doing too much of the work; the critical mass is now simply gone.
All of this takes a LOT of work- at NO compensation and- outside the month or so before balloting- nearly zero appreciation by beneficiaries. It has worn us out.
You WILL see some of the individuals, of course, working various campaigns, but that will be as individuals. We’ve had a good run and made some significant differences in various state-related races. Other younger, newer hands will have to pick up the slack.

Summer’s Over; time to Roll!

September 1, 2015

Well, the North Texas Tea Party leadership tool much of the summer as a break after several of us were pretty active in the legislative session.  But it’s time to get rolling again. While a couple vetting sessions with candidates have been held, we’ll be picking up the pace with our vetting committee, trying to grill as many state-level candidates as possible.

But first up was a polling of our email list on the Presidential GOP Primary and its VERY crowded field.  The results of the 141 respondents are here.  (UPDATE: a second poll, mid-way between the second and third debate is Here, with 109 respondents.

As expected from our location and experience with him, Ted Cruz did very well, with Trump in 2nd.  We will run more of these as the cycle and debates commence- and the field thins.  We will be posting on many of the races local to the northern DFW metroplex as well, and sending INFREQUENT emails out about key action items of interesting events. (We do NOT have the bandwidth to track ALL conservative events in the region; we wish we did.  We WILL provide useful links to those who track such things.)  Sign up for our emails here if you have not already.

Time for ALL of us to get active; this country is in trouble and needs our ACTIONS, not just words.

Planned Parenthood Protest: Lewisville 8/22/2015

August 22, 2015

The crowd total was 217 for this protest outside the Planned Parenthood’s small clinic in Lewisville, Texas.  It was a diverse crowd: young, old, black, brown, catholic, evangelical.  A good number of young family with very cute kids.  Planned Parenthood is DEFINITELY losing the millennials.  Praying for folks to rethink using this facility.

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Jodie Laubenberg’s Uncomfortable Return

July 10, 2015

Well, the legislative session ended and Jodie Laubenberg has completed her self-imposed exile from conservative political meetings.  An exile that started about the time she came out ACTIVELY supporting the current Texas House Speaker Joe Straus.  So tonight, she finally returned and spoke at the Collin County Conservative Republicans- and was CLEARLY very uncomfortable. Compare Van Taylor’s ending performance and the crowd reaction with Jodie’s uncertainty and the response. (She left quickly and did NOT mingle.)

All her terms in office and she’s down to looking and sounding like a rookie.  Indeed, her achievements were very rookie-like. Even less so than principled conservative rookie superstar Matt Rinaldi  Her committee chairmanship was minor- and made even more inconsequential by Speaker Straus assigning any controversial stuff that normally would go to her Elections committee elsewhere. She passed few consequential bills and was not active in most of the tougher fights.  Her best effort- an amendment to control the cost of the Pre-K bill- was squashed by leadership and the Democrats.  Many of us could have told her that the Democrats that Straus depends on as a key part of his base would NOT let her gain anything significant. She became the Devil Incarnate to them from her authorship of abortion bill last session and Straus has to listen to them.

So bottom line, Jodie; was it worth it?  Was the sacrifice of being uncomfortable with all the people you were comfortable with for so many years worth what was gained?  Was it worth changing your voting habits to fall from 10th in 2013 to 30th in 2015 on the Rice University studies? If not, simply admit it and return to your instincts for principled stands.  Nearly all of your constituents are good Christians and understand forgiveness and redemption.  That Austin Professional Political Class will never really be your friends; but your constituents and activists could be again.  Your choice.

84th Legislature Scorecards

June 18, 2015

Scorecard season is here! Here is our writeup of the session..  Time to see how our Texas State Senators and representatives actually VOTED in Austin against various standards.  We will list the good and the bad ones here as they become available:


The Rice University study is the most complete, ranking nearly EVERY significant vote (Here is the State Senate version).  More data points, more accuracy. Here is a copy of their House graphic. And their Senate one.

The EmpowerTexans scorecard is absolutely the BEST on fiscal conservatism and government overreach. Over 90 votes involved in the decision. Go by this one over all others!

The Texas Eagle Forum Scorecard, a good source for a more socially conservative ranking can be found here (in good downloadable formats).


Here is an INCREDIBLY BAD scorecard from the Dallas Area Chamber of Commerce. Pro-business’??  Closer to pro-crony capitalism.  Those bills that they list as their priorities that have no checkmarks?  Include things like Medicaid expansion for Obamacare that was so toxic, they never got brought up.  They considered only 10 items out of thousands: 2 got NO votes, 3 only got them in one of two houses.  And on the rest, the Democrats did as well as the GOP members, often better.  This is ‘pro-business’???